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  • Aluminium

    Click here for more info about our Aluminium works and projects undertaken by us in this faculty.

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  • Civil Works

    We have specialized in construction for many years, we run special equipment require to build state of the art buildings...

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  • Maintenance

    Here we talk about mechanical works, or any form of transformation of structures or renovations, there is quite a variety to this.

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Latest Topics

  • Tullow Uganda March 20, 2015
    Tullow Uganda

    We were glad to be given the opportunity to construct the new office, both construction of the building and finishing the interior was

  • Signature Suites March 02, 2015
    Signature Suites

    This is an amazing contract that transformed our work and gave a huge leap in the Civil industry, we want to appreciate

  • Rwanda High Commission March 11, 2015
    Rwanda High Commission

    We trust that having met with the team that awarded this contract immediately after the works at the Commission, this

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